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A new way to freelance.

Invoice, process payments, and get covered with health, dental and life insurance.

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How LANCE works

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    Sign up for a monthly or annual membership with LANCE

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    Push your estimates, invoices and payments through LANCE

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    Earn rewards on every payment to fund your Group Benefits

Lance group benefits plan

Designed for freelancers & consultants

Plan Overview

Health & Dental
80%, up to $1,000
Prescription drugs
80%, up to $3,000
Health Spending
$500 Massage therapy or other
Life insurance
Accidental death insurance
Lifetime insurance coverage(out of country)

Am I eligible for coverage?

By processing invoices through LANCE, you'll earn Rewards to fund your Group Benefits + Cash Back.

Use this calculator to see if you’re eligible:


We’ve thought of everything, even your clients.

Clients earn cash back rewards for paying you on time.

Clients receive up to 2.5% of the transaction total in cash back rewards for paying within 30 days and 1% if they pay within 60 days. If they miss the boat, those rewards go directly to you.

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Powerful features to save you time and earn you more.

  • Create estimates by using custom libraries of services, clients, and terms & conditions.
  • Convert approved estimates into invoices, and send them to your clients in the instalments and timeframe that suit your needs.
  • Process payments for your invoices by credit, debit, or EFT.
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Today’s workforce is changing, and we’re not just along for the ride, we’re leading the way.