Our Vision is Simple

To take on the unique challenges Freelancers face and build a better way for Freelancers to work.

We see the future of work and it is bright.

Our founders were the first in Canada to create and build an award winning creative agency focused on championing freelance talent. Instead of being a dirty little secret - Freelancers were at the forefront in presenting our work, our model shaped our beliefs in finding the right person at the right time.

For You, The World.

Behind every decision, tool, and feature is our commitment to equity for Freelancers.

Equip The Individual

Tackling everything from business tools to Health & Dental Benefits, LANCE ensures that the Freelancer is always set up for success.

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Champion The Freelancer

From creating the first freelance marketing award show ever, to building LANCE, we're committed to being the champion of freelance life.

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Privacy For All

We take precautions to protect you privacy and work by partnering with experts like Stripe and VersaPay.

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Today’s workforce is changing, and we’re not just along for the ride, we’re leading the way.